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Get involved

How to be part of it?

MoLeaP offers users different ways of participating.

Be a user

Users are people who are browsing the website and using the database by searching for specific items. Users do not need to be registered in order to use the database.

Become a contributor

Contributors are users who submit projects, applications or resources to the database. Once a user is registered, they can use the full functionality of the database. Register or log in


Become a partner

As partner, you enter into a strategic partnership with MoLeaP, e.g. by providing distribution channels.Also, Partners provide their logos which will be displayed in the partners section on the MoLeaP website. In return, partners are asked to provide the MoLeaP logo and some additional information on their websites and other distribution channels.

It's new - it needs your input!

Make your ideas available to the m-learning community! Register, log in and submit your m-learning project, application or resource.


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