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How To Play Pokies: The Basic Rules & Working Strategies To Win

AU pokies are gambling devices of various types. Though, they all operate according to the single principle. In most cases, playing a classic video pokie is not difficult even for novice casino customers. Even though the devices work based on random number generators, users should know how to play pokies: the features of navigation, the rules of the free game on a particular type of the pokie.

How To Play Pokies: The Main Rules For All Types Of Players

The rules of how to play pokies machines are simple. The players make a bet and start spinning the reels. If a winning combination of symbols appears, they get a win. The size of the winning depends on the frequency of the symbols. AU providers are constantly releasing new pokies, which differ from each other in many characteristics. Thus, players should note the following tips of how to play pokies:

  • Payout per line – is made when the same number of symbols, provided by the rules of the pokie, line up in one pay line;
  • Bonus symbols – their appearance triggers a bonus game, it can be free spins, jokers, various prizes, and so on;
  • Cumulative bonus – when players accumulate a certain amount. According to the rules of how to play pokies, they get a cash reward to a game account or a bonus game and win more;
  • Jackpot in pokie machines is the extra payment. Jackpots can be fixed or progressive. Fixed jackpots are paid in the form of a strictly set amount for certain drawn combinations;
  • When choosing a slot for playing for money, many casino visitors pay attention to the presence of a progressive jackpot. It is believed that pokies with this option allow players to get the maximum win at the minimum bet.

Increasing the bet does not increase the chances of winning, so players don’t have to bet the maximum in the game. If they bet small, they will win a little, if they bet a lot, they will win a lot, but the “number of wins” will not change.

The Working Strategy To Play Pokies And Get Frequent Winnings

Any betting strategy of how to play pokies in Australia casinos, involves changing the bet’s sizes depending on the course of the game under certain circumstances. There are several of these tactics that can be used in the game, depending on how it stacks up.

  • The Martingale method assumes a constant bet increase according to a specific algorithm. In case of a win, players will take it, but if a loss occurs, the rate is doubled;
  • The principle of the Naked Pulls strategy is very manageable and does not need to be memorized, though players need to learn how to play pokies. In any situation – losing or winning – players need to make the same bets, the size of which is determined in advance, as well as the total amount that they can risk;
  • The “One Game” strategy offers to play on one line at the minimum level of bets while waiting for the game to double. It is necessary to double up until the winnings reach the desired value.

All of these strategies force players to analyze information instantly and make decisions.

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