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How to play Roulette by novice users of the virtual clubs in 2020

Virtual Roulette was one of the first games to appear in online casinos. This gambling entertainment is very popular among all the modern players. It does not require special knowledge and hard computational operations in the mind. Go and learn how to play Roulette and remember the payouts of bets. Leave the rest to luck!

Popular Roulette strategies

Professional players are sure that it is quite possible to beat a casino in Roulette. The main thing is, first – to know how to play Roulette, and second – to learn how to use the best strategies while playing.

Today in the world of gambling there are several universal strategies of how to play Roulette and win all the time that can be used for any type – American, European or French. It is not difficult to remember these methods, so any novice casino client will quickly learn popular ways to play:

  • Martingale method. The most successful way to play this game. The essence of it is to rise your bid every time you lose. And when you win after the next spin – you will be able to return all your previous losses.
  • 10-number strategy. In this version of the Roulette play, the user places bets on all dozens of the game table, with 10 chips each. Thus, almost the entire field is covered by the gamer’s chips. The probability of winning with this strategy is quite high, however, if you lose, you will lose almost all your chips.
  • Lamber way. The meaning of this strategy of how to play Roulette is somewhat similar to the Martingale strategy. Here the bid matters most. You bet on an even or odd number. You cannot lower your bids, even if you lose. After the winning spin, the next bet must be the same as the previous one. After a loss, the bet is doubled.

Choose Demo format of the Roulette game and get know how to play Roulette at casino. As soon as your skill level increases, it means it is time to start making real bets. The more you practice Roulette, the more likely you will become a winner.

European and American versions: what is the difference?

When you go to the site of any modern virtual casino, there will be a Roulette tab. However, in this section you will find several types of this entertainment. The most popular versions of the wheel of fortune in 2020 are European and American Roulette.

European type of game is more popular in online casinos. This game has a green table with number zones. The wheel is usually located on the left side to the dealer. The other features of the game are the same as in any other Roulette. You put bets on a number, sector, or zone and win according to the payouts. A feature of the European type of game is only one zero sign on the wheel. This makes it easier to win at this type of Roulette, than at the American one.

Many online gamers choose an American Roulette. These players do not like easy wins, so the presence of two zeros on the wheel at once attracts their attention and gives them a sense of drive. In addition, in some online casinos, when the ball falls to zero or double zero, the client gets back half of the bet. This way, the low win rate for players is compensated.

In this type of Roulette there is a red table, playing field and zones are arranged in the same order as in the European game. The probability of winning this gambling contest is lower for the gamer.

American and European versions have a common aim of how to play Roulette. The user makes a bet on the game table, the dealer spins the ball on the wheel and in case of a successful outcome and the user receives payments. Today in an online casino, you can choose a free Roulette format. You will simply bet with empty chips without losing your finances. Demo Roulette will give you a lot of bright and dynamic moments that will make your gambling time exciting.

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