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Main slot machine jackpot types

All casino players are dreaming about a jackpot. However, what is it? Jackpot is the biggest win. It is a maximum prize fund in a variety of gambling. Most often these are lotteries, slot machine jackpot wins, card games. That is, this prize is a percentage of the profits that casino owners receive or the organizers of other gambling games.

The term “jackpot” appeared in the first half of the 80s of the XIX century, among Poker players. If during the game, none of the participants became the owner of a combination of two Jacks, only part of the bank was played. The rest of the prize was put on the line.

Thus, the bank was increasing until one of the players had the needed combination. Jackpot also called the total prize. This win the sum which can be several hundred thousand times more than a bet. The presence of a jackpot is one of the main reasons that attract gamblers.

Slot machine jackpot types

There are two main types of slot machine jackpot today. These are fixed are progressive jackpot slots. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed Jackpot

A fixed jackpot slot is often met online — here the sum of the prize is fixed. The gambler knows it beforehand. It is represented by a specific amount of money that does not change throughout the operation of an online casino. This type of remuneration is charged to users when specific conditions are met. For example, earlier there were three sevens in one line.

When winning slots jackpot, its amount does not change. Users could even receive this reward several times a day with certain luck. But, fixed jackpots have a significant drawback — a small amount. It is only several times higher than the maximum gain when other symbols on the reels coincide. From this and the probability of winning a fixed jackpot is quite high.

Progressive Jackpot

As for the progressive slot machine jackpot, it is dynamic, and the winner can get any sum. Its value changes depending on the number and total amount of bets on the slots that participate in the promotion. The main difference between progressive jackpot is its size. Very often, the amount can go far beyond a few million dollars.

However, it has a significant drawback — it is almost impossible to win. Administration of online casinos often sets difficult conditions. Nevertheless, if the player is lucky and he gets it, the total amount is reset and begins to accumulate back into the account until someone wins it.

Different slots with jackpots

The riskiest well-known here is double slot machine jackpot where high limit can be over $100 per one spin. Mostly gamblers who know that they are lucky play it. Double jackpot slots can give you smaller prizes, but the players get them more often.

Nevertheless, traditionally, gaming machines with smaller bets are chosen.

  1. The Beach life (Playtech). Here, the largest win was really huge — over 8.2 million dollars. This is a lot about fun and rest, and to get a jackpot, you need to have 5 images of Sun.
  2. Gold Rally (Playtech). The average biggest prize here is 895,000 USD. It is the simplest 3-reel slot: here, you should mine gold.
  3. Jurassic Jackpot (Microgaming). This slot simply offers the large win, and it is fixed – your bet multiplied by 1600.

Marvel Slots

Here, you can get a progressive jackpot. These are the slots by Playtech which are devoted to famous Marvel movies:

  • X-men;
  • Ghost Rider;
  • Thor (slot machine jackpot is very high);
  • Iron Man 2;
  • Blade, etc.

To get slot machine jackpot, you must know the golden rule: you should play using only the maximum bet.

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