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Real casino games online: types of games with a real dealer

Types of real casino games online and their benefits

When some players are dreaming about gambling in land casinos but cannot afford it for any reason, they can try real casino games online with a live dealer, and win real money the way they can do it in an offline casino.

Live dealer casinos combine the advantages of playing online and going to a classic land-based establishment. From the first, live casinos took the convenience of playing anytime and anywhere, and from the second one — the opportunities to play with real people in an environment that resembles them a land casino.

When real online casino games are chosen, the players can understand that everything there resembles a reality. Professional dealers lead the game from a specialized studio or hall of a real-life casino, and players watch the broadcasts, make bets and communicate with the dealer through a computer or mobile device.

Real casino games online advantages

In the case with real casino games online, the entire financial side of the game (bets and payment of winnings, for example, with the help of PayPal) is automated and controlled by the software, and not by the dealer.

It is a distinctive feature of the live casino unlike the land one.

Technology and Broadcast

There is nothing complicated in live casinos technologies. Gaming tables and equipment, as well as several cameras are installed in the studio. A game control unit is connected to each table, and it has a built-in scanner or sensor. It translates information about winning combinations into a digital format for processing by the program and displaying the result.

That is, the player not only sees that they won but also receives a notification from the program about whether their bet has played or not (plus the winning amount is automatically charged). When gamblers play real casino games online, they can be sure that everything is under control, and any fraud is not possible.

Games in live casinos

The basis of the most real casino games online is the table and card games that can be found in any land-based casino: Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps. Sometimes, the Wheel of Fortune, as well as unique games, are offered.

That is why many operators supplement their portfolio with the software of several providers at once.

Live casino games features and difference

As mentioned above, often the games available in live casinos are classic table games. However, they are significantly different from the gaming software used in a regular online casino. Any game with live dealers is based on the actions of a person — the dealer in the studio.

Live casino is a real treasure for those who do not trust modern gambling software. Since all game actions are performed by the same dealers as in land casinos, the result is absolutely random and independent of the program.

Benefits of live casino games

The experience of playing in a casino with live dealers is similar to a land casino experience, but you can get it at any time in a comfortable environment using almost any device that is connected to the Internet. The other benefits of real casino games online, where you can also claim a deposit bonus like playing using slots, are the following:

  • The independence of the result from RNG-algorithms that attract gamblers who are not confident in the honesty of some slots;
  • The ability to communicate with the dealer and interact with other gamers. It keeps the player in the game, constantly stimulating their interest in the gaming process;
  • More opportunities for playing with several players when you pick real casino games online, etc.

Those, who tried the game with a live dealer at least once, will certainly return to this casino to pick probably other types or a table game, but get the same excitement they experienced before.

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